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ONEsource™ Nutrition | Gluten Free Nutritional Drink

Food Allergy Solutions

Whether you are a mother with children with food allergies, a senior with dietary restrictions, or an athlete with special nutritional requirements, ONEsource™ is part of your nutritional answer.

ONEsource™ is a lactose-free, milk-based nutritional beverage, with an optimal blend of vitamins, minerals and protein.

ONEsource™ contains no synthetic sweeteners, preservatives, caffeine, soy, hormones, gluten or trans-fats.

ONEsource™ protein drink is UDSA approved, Level II HCPCS coded for Medicare and Medicaid reimbursement, and is certified Kosher - Dairy.

ONEsource™ is not a "supplement" like most competing products are classified.

Gluten Free

ONEsource™ is Gluten Free. Click to learn more!

Lactose Free

ONEsource™ is Lactose Free. Click to learn more!

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