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History of ONEsource™ Optimal Nutrition

In the late 1960's Dr. E.L. Fouts, a professor at the University of Florida, developed a low-fat, vitamin-fortified, dairy-based nutritional drink named “Gator Go”. Dr. Robert Cade, inventor of Gatorade, was involved in the project, providing the nutritional content. At the time, “Gator Go” had a ten(10) day shelf life. Herb Dunlap, a formulator with over forty years experience in dairy manufacturing, was brought in to reformulate "Gator Go" and extend its shelf life. After several years of research and development, "Gator Go" was a viable commercial product. However, it did not have a market niche.

By the late 1980’s, Dr. Cade had the name shortened to "Go!" and it was sold in the retail market with a twelve month shelf life. "Go!" was purchased by the company Nutri-Products Inc. At this time, Kyle Knight, CEO of ONE Source Nutrition, began working with Herb Dunlap to study the formulation process from the master formulator. This company eventually became Phoenix Advanced Technology and continued to market the "Go!" product until it was sold to MarketShare International.

In 1996, "Go!" was sold to Gulf American Trading, and at this time the nutrition drink began being sold to the United States Military.

In 1999, Mr. Knight was hired away by Advantage Plus, in order to assist in formulation and oversee production of two products. One called "10+" for the active, athletic population and "60+" which was specifically formulated for the aging, more sedentary demographic.

In 2004, after almost twenty years of watching products being diluted and refined to increase margin and marketability, rather than quality, Mr. Knight formed Florida Health Dynamics and set out to formulate the ultimate product based upon his many years of experience. Mr. Knight's dream was to design and market a quality product that could have broad appeal to many markets, an extended shelf life, and excellent taste. Told that could not be done in an economically viable fashion, Kyle proceeded to develop a product that is indeed "ALL THAT!" and formed a team whose company goal is to serve the customer.

This is the history of the ALL THAT! High Performance Beverage, which later became ONEsource™. ONEsource™ is the result of years of trial and error formulation by many experts, many of whom were the earliest pioneers in the field of nutritional drinks.

After over twenty years of reformulation, ONEsource™ is the latest generation optimal high performance beverage designed to support your nutritional needs in today's fast paced and ever changing world.

In October 2007, in an effort to better align the company name with the products, Florida Health Dynamics changed the corporate name to ONE Source Nutrition, LLC. At the same time, the product name was changed from X-milk™ to “ONEsource™”.

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