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Customer Testimonials

Laurel Warwicke, MD

I am a radiation oncologist in Gainesville, FL who has been recommending ONEsource to my patients for the last 2 years. On a trial basis, I found my patients enjoyed the flavor and were able to sustain their weight with their cancer treatments. It is nutritionally compatible to other supplement drinks on the market and I found my patients prefer it to other supplements and certainly recommended without hesitation.

Uma G. Iyer, MD

I am a medical oncologist in private practice in Gainesville, Florida. I have had the opportunity to use Onesource in several of my patients receiving treatment for cancer who are debilitated from their disease and treatment side effects.

In my anecdotal experience, based on my patients' experiences, this is a very palatable drink which seems to subjectively improve one's sense of well being and energy level. It is tasty, easy to store(does not require refrigeration) and packaged in convenient reasonable sized servings. I do believe that my patients who were taking daily servings of Onesource seemed to tolerate their chemotherapy treatments reasonably well and maintained their nutritional status better overall. On an average, they recovered sooner from the effects of treatment.

Please feel free to contact me for any additional information.

Betty A Means

On March 30, 2010, doctors at Community Cancer Center diagnosed my husband, Sam, with Stage 4 lung cancer. It had spread extensively throughout his body; liver, spine and bones. The prognosis was 3-4 months, without treatment. Gentle chemo and palliative radiation offering freedom from pain, greater comfort and quality-of-life was our choice.

Sam lost about 60 pounds very rapidly and was unable to eat solid food. Then, by the grace of God, we were introduced to One Source Nutrition drink. It quickly became his primary source of all the nutrients and amino acids needed for repair of tissues, muscles and bones. One Source Nutrition was easily digested and enjoyable to drink. We added ice cream, making it a delicious milkshake treat.

Within 3 weeks we were seeing benefits of energy and strength, plus Sam had gained 4 pounds back! We are now looking forward to another PET scan, as we feel sure the One Source Nutrition drink has helped him tremendously during the chemo treatments. The One Source Nutrition's high protein/high calcium content continues to help his blood labs improve, too.

We are very grateful to God, his doctor's care plan, and to One Source Nutrition that gives us confidence we are fulfilling our loved ones' most important nutritional needs at this critical time.

Barbara Nutt

I have a brother who has been suffering from hepatitis "C for many years. The disease is a debilitating one with more bad days than good. Even after extensive treatments with side effects, he has many days when he cannot eat solid foods. I've worried so about his strength and weight as he dwindled away.

Lucky for my brother, I found "0neSource". He immediately liked the flavor and convenience. After 4 to 6 months on the drink (1 to 2 a day, with or without food) he has gained 10 pounds. Many of his bad days are now better. There is no cure for the disease, however "ONEsource" helps him put up a good fight. THANK YOU SO MUCH!

Frances Burnett

During my chemotherapy treatment, I have been drinking the ONEsource. I have been able to tolerate it well. It has helped me when I have been nauseated. It tends to settle my nausea. I have had few problems with my chemo treatments and I recovered from my surgery quickly. My incision healed without problems and the muscles seemed to get back to normal quickly. Cannot say if ONEsource helped me to heal easier but that was the only thing that I did other than the normal course treatment.

Raven A. VonBehren

Before August 21, 2009, I was an avid diet coke drinker, 2-3 a day, and loved my candy. I did not drink milk or even take a multivitamin. Not very smart considering I was 51 years old. But, on August 21, 2009, that all changed. I fell in my home resulting in several broken bones. I broke my left elbow and cracked the ulna; my left knee was also broken. Two weeks after my fall, I had my elbow replaced with a prosthetic. I was told that it would take up to a year for my bones to completely heal. My tibial plateau was broken; imagine a good size rock hitting the front windshield of your car and then starring out. That is what my tibial plateau of my left knee looked like on x-ray. I also broke both sides of the tibia at the top. I was told that full weight bearing was quite a ways down the road. At least 3 months.

The week after Labor Day weekend, I had surgery on my left elbow. They discovered that I shattered the elbow and they had to place a prosthetic elbow. They did not do surgery on my knee because of the way my knee was broken. I was in a wheelchair for the first 3 weeks after my fall because I was total non-weight bearing on the left leg. Because of all of the medications that I was taking, I had to eat or drink milk when I took them. Well, I wasn't hungry and I don't like regular milk. I had to eat or drink something with my meals, so I decided to give ONEsource a try. I found that the ONEsource curbed my sweet tooth, satisfied my appetite so that I had no urge to snack in-between meals and it helped greatly with taking the medications in that they no longer bothered my stomach. It also tastes GREAT.

I went back to the doctor 5 weeks after my accident. My elbow was healing well, faster than they had anticipated, and were able to take it out of the cast and put it in a brace. My knee was healing very nicely, again faster than they had anticipated, and I was given permission to start weight bearing as tolerated with the assistance of a walker. I only used the walker for 2 weeks. I started using a cane with the walker after only one week; at which point I was considered full weight bearing if I was able to use a cane and have no pain. When I went back to the doctor six weeks after my accident, both of my orthopedic doctors were amazed at how fast my bones were healing. The fact that I was already full weight bearing on my left leg and no longer using any medical assistance device was a a big surprise to them. I told them that my superior nutritional intake of 100% of my daily vitamin D requirements/needs and calcium requirements/needs was thanks to a wonderful source of nutrition that I had been using ONEsource. Both of my doctors agreed,that the rate of healing was something they had never seen before in a patient my age, or in a patient of much younger years.

My elbow doctor said that I had far exceeded his expectations and that I had "healed like a teenager, but was much more pleasant to deal with".

They say that every bad thing has a silver lining; my silver lining was ONEsource; not only did it speed my healing but I also lost 15 lbs in 6 weeks. Because the ONEsource contains good carbohydrates and good fat, I no longer had a desire for sweets or snacking in-between meals. I am now 100% and I know that without the superior nutrition of ONEsource, I would still be on my "road to recovery". I have continued to drink ONEsource 1-2 times a day. I use it as a meal supplement for breakfast and a snack for later in the day. I feel great. Before my accident, I never really felt "good". ONEsource has been my answer to good health and good bone health. It has helped me change my eating habits and assisted in my continued weight loss goal. I do not need a daily multivitamin or a calcium supplement. ONEsource changed my life. Thank you.

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