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Why ONEsource™ for Seniors?

As we age, the body undergoes natural changes that diminish energy regulation and metabolism, making it more difficult for seniors to insure adequate nutrition. Energy (calorie) intake may be inadequate or unbalanced because of a number or reasons. Overall food intake declines over the years in part due to a lessened ability to smell and taste food, chewing difficulties, and even a reduced ability to prepare foods. Active seniors with busy schedules are more likely to eat processed, prepared, or restaurant foods with meals that are often high in fat and calories, but short on nutrition.

Overall, the energy (calorie) needs of seniors are not as great as the need for high-quality nutrition. As we age, our requirements for protein, B vitamins, vitamins A, vitamin C, and vitamin D, magnesium, and zinc increase, making it more important than ever to insure a nutrient-rich diet—one that provides the most nutrients for the calories. In other words, we need foods that pack a nutritional punch.

An active lifestyle keeps you on the go and convenience may trump nutrition. By including ONEsource™in your daily diet, you do not need to sacrifice nutrition for convenience. An 8-oz serving of ONEsource™is a quick and easy way to supply 14 grams of high-quality protein plus more than one-third of the Daily Value for 16 vitamins and minerals, including calcium and vitamin D. Support heart health, strong bones, eye health, and mental function with a nutrient-rich diet.

ONEsource™, recommended by registered dietitians, nutritionists, and doctors, delivers optimal nutrition and is a tasty and convenient way to achieve a balanced lifestyle.

10 Reasons Seniors choose ONEsource™

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