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ONEsource™ is Certified Kosher - Dairy

The word kosher comes from the Jewish word, kashrut, meaning “fit,” “proper,” or “correct.” Kashrut is the set of strict Jewish dietary laws governing acceptable foods and how they are prepared. In order for foods to be labeled, “Certified Kosher,” they must be prepared in accordance with kashrut, be certified kosher by a kosher certification organization, and bear a hekhsher symbol.

Kosher foods are prepared under strict and sanitary conditions. In addition to Jewish people who keep kosher, others, including Muslims, Seventh Day Adventists, and vegetarians, prefer kosher foods because they believe that kosher foods are cleaner, healthier, or better than non-kosher products.

ONEsource™ certified Kosher in two ways:

ONEsource™ nutritional drink is certified Kosher in two ways:

  • Our plant is certified by the Organized Kashrus Laboratories.
  • Our ingredients are certified by The Union of Orthodox Jewish Congregations.

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