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The Only Portable High Protein Milk Supplement Made From 2% Milk that Does Not Require Refrigeration

Why ONEsource™?

Whether you are an athlete looking to recover quicker from a difficult workout, a senior searching for a dietary supplement, a person attempting to become healthier by losing weight or entering into a weight management program, or an active mom on the go, ONEsource™ delivers optimal nutrition.

Nutrient-rich ONEsource™, recommended by registered dietitians, nutritionists, and doctors, comes in a convenient, single serving carton that requires no refrigeration until opened, making it easy to include in your diet while at home or when traveling.


I am a radiation oncologist in Gainesville, FL who has been recommending ONEsource to my patients for the last 2 years. On a trial basis, I found my patients enjoyed the flavor and were able to sustain their weight with their cancer treatments. It is nutritionally compatible to other supplement drinks on the market and I found my patients prefer it to other supplements and certainly recommended without hesitation.

Laurel Warwicke, MD

I am a medical oncologist in private practice in Gainesville, Florida. I have had the opportunity to use Onesource in several of my patients receiving treatment for cancer who are debilitated from their disease and treatment side effects.

I do believe that my patients who were taking daily servings of Onesource seemed to tolerate their chemotherapy treatments reasonably well and maintained their nutritional status better overall. On an average, they recovered sooner from the effects of treatment.

Uma G. Iyer, MD

During my chemotherapy treatment, I have been drinking the ONEsource. I have been able to tolerate it well. It has helped me when I have been nauseated. It tends to settle my nausea. I have had few problems with my chemo treatments and I recovered from my surgery quickly. My incision healed without problems and the muscles seemed to get back to normal quickly. Cannot say if ONEsource helped me to heal easier but that was the only thing that I did other than the normal course treatment.

Frances Burnett

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Words from Dr Gopinath Sunil, MD