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ONEsource is made with REAL milk

lactose free

ONEsource is made with REAL milk, and since it is over 51% real milk, ONEsource is certified to carry the REAL milk seal. Only ONEsource nutritional drink is certified to use the REAL milk seal of the American Dairy Association.

American Dairy Association

ONESource is approved by the American Dairy Association for use of the REAL seal.

The use of the REAL seal denotes an item as being a real dairy product. To use the REAL seal, a product must be made from dairy.

In addition to being made with real dairy, a product with the REAL seal will:

  • Be manufactured in a domestic facility and contain ONLY domestically produced dairy.
  • Not contain any Casein, Caseinate, Vegetable Oil, or Non-Domestic Dairy Protein or Ingredient.
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