Disaster Relief

ONEsource™ Optimal Nutrition Disaster Relief

ONEsource™ Optimal Nutrition is the perfect fit as a Disaster Relief supplier for Milk Products.  ONEsource™ will aid you in completing your disaster relief mission.  As a high quality, affordable, great tasting REAL milk product ready to assist those in need.

Why choose ONEsource™ milk?

ONEsource™ is a powerhouse of nutrition in an 8oz shelf-stable, ready to use recyclable carton.  It requires no refrigeration and can last up to 18 months. (refrigerate once opened).

ONEsource™ is made with natural wholesome real 2% milk.  It enhances nature’s best with additional milk protein, vitamins, and minerals—creating a richly smooth milkshake, lightly sweetened with cane sugar.  You’re getting 2 glasses of milk in one.   ONEsource™ has the REAL Seal from the American Dairy Association to prove its real milk.

ONEsource™ is for everyone.  Why? ONEsource™ is a LACTOSE free milk product that contains all the essential amino acids occurring naturally in milk and needed by the body for optimal growth and repair of tissues, including muscles and bones.  All can drink and benefit from ONEsource™ milks complete nutrition. ONEsource™ milk contains the all the vitamins and minerals naturally found in milk plus it is enriched to supply more than 30% of the DV for 16 vitamins and minerals. ONEsource™ is Certified Kosher!

How does ONEsource™ complement your Disaster Relief meals?  ONEsource™ milk contains all three macronutrients, (carbohydrate, protein, fat) for a well-balanced nutrition. It contains high-quality protein, the perfect combination of whey and casein required for humans.

It’s important for those in need to maintain balanced nutrition, to stay strong, healthy and focused.  To provide the mental comfort to all, knowing that ONEsource™ have prepared a high-quality meal when we know there are other things on their mind.  We are here for you, we got you covered!

When disaster strikes, ONEsource™ Milk will provide all victims and volunteers the necessary nutrients to fuel their bodies to complete their disaster relief mission!